Over 20 years expertise in the leather goods and accessories
industry. Product strategy and development to support your
creative vision.

​​Strategic Product Planning – Development – Sourcing

The making of a collection is a complex process which involves a number of diversified skills and competences. Turning a creative vision into a real product might be a challenging task. Any new project is a challenge itself, requires knowledge of the product, the materials, the manufacturing techniques as well as a consolidated experience in the production field. Not least, finding reliable partners and the right hands who can translate your ideas into wearable fashion, is crucial decision that can make the whole project run or fail. I lend my experience in the fashion industry to brands and designers, helping them to overcome the threads, finding creative and technical solution at any step of the product process. 


strategic product planning – development – sourcing

  • Strategic planning of the collections, analisys of the actual market competitors and positioning;
  • Scouting the perfect manufacturers and partners to partner with for the process of development and production of collection, evaluating skills, pricepoints, dimensions and capacity;
  • Sourcing of materials and suppliers according to the collection plan;
  • Follow up the full process of prototyping and sampling to the final sales samples;
  • Quality check on products, pre-production engineering;
  • Analisys on costing and targeting according to strategic positioning and price points;
  • Taylored services on clients/brands needs.

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Italian born, based in Florence, fashion lover.
For over twenty years I collaborated with different brands from the high end luxury names to the fast fashion labels working closely with their production plants all over the world.
I lend my expertise to brands and designers connecting them to the right partner in the fashion industry.
I support brands at any step of the planning and development of their collection, from the early brainstorming on trends to the sourcing of materials, manufacturers and the follow up of the prototyping to the final quality check on the product.

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