I am a designer, product developer, product manager.
I graduated in fashion design and accessories design at the University of Florence.
During my early career I worked as a designer and collaborated with some brands for their collections of jewels, textile, leather goods.
I always had the chance to work very close with the manufacturing plants, the handcraft laboratories and all producer of raw materials. 

This enriched my technical knowledge of any of the single steps and components which make a finished product.
I learned to focus on quality and I learned how to improve products technically.

At present, I lend my twenty years experience and my know how to those brands, designers and companies who are looking to improve their collection, built up consistency and optimize their products and offer.

I support the process of product development from the first step to the final engineering and pre-production set of the collections.
I realize one of the most difficult steps processing a new collection is the strategic approach.

One of the most challenging steps while thinking about the launch of a new collection, is to find the right hands. I can dispose of a wide portfolio of producers and suppliers that can be selected according to their expertise and workmanship. Whether you are willing to offer a totally Made in Italy fine item or looking for a more cost effective planning, I can involve the best manufacturers all over the world.

To learn more about my self and my offer, please feel free to contact: